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  • It's a beginner book - covers the basics in an easy to read format
    de Ion Corcodel (Publicate 2010/02/01 22:47:14)

    This book is fine for beginners. It covers all the basics in preparing and delivering a presentation. It does not go into any great degree of depth.

    It's easy to read
    Laid out in bullet points
    Brief pointers and reminders throughout.

    is not text heavy, could be used a reference book to pick up and drop.
    Language is simple and it has an easy flow. 
    There are useful quotes littered throughout the book - some amusing, some thought provoking. 

    3 Things I found useful 

    Team presentations (page 98) are addressed well in this book. It is laid out in bullet point format or brief pointers. When presenting we tend to focus on ourselves and our message, forgetting about the others. When presenting as part of a team there is always a need for strategy. This chapter provides concise information and rules that a team of presenters often forget. 

    Presenters tool kit checklists (pages 122- 133)
    This section is very useful to any presenter, beginner or experienced. Why?
    It's a fast reminder, a tick list reminding us of the basics that we often forget when we are busy preparing or worrying. More importantly this checklist is very useful for those experienced presenters who have become blasé about presenting. I have used these checklists on my advanced courses regularly.

    Question Time
    There is a useful chapter (though brief) on handling questions, handling difficult audience members and how to prepare for question time. Some good key points.

    3 things I didn't find useful 

    It lacks depth in all chapters. It seems to skim the surface. It is useful but definitely not for experienced presenters. If you are looking for something different in a presentation skills books this read doesn't really offer it.
    It's a bog standard book - nothing really new, felt it lacked creativity. 

    It's a little old fashioned in certain chapters eg comments on wardrobe, chapters on visual aids. 

    Didn't include a chapter on language.

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